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Friday, June 23, 2017

2017 - Hooks and Sounds

Some of my bull studs actively volunteer to have their massive man parts brutalized and tortured and pushed to new levels of endurance and pain. Such is the case with this handsome lug. More than half a dozen sounds of various shapes and sizes have been simultaneously shoved into his gaping piss slit, making his thick cum tube bulge and swell to obscene proportions. Small hooks have been pierced through both of his tough nipples, and a MUCH larger hook speared through the center of his thick ballsac. Those hooks have all been attached to clever pulley systems, and are now being pulled so hard that his nips and nuts are being stretched away from his body.

For a mighty hunk like this, though, these torments are merely the warm up...

Friday, June 16, 2017

2017 - Guinness World Records

I love the idea of world records being established for things such as genital size, orgasm force, volume, and frequency, scrotal stretch, etc. So I decided to create a drawing featuring a gigantic bull stud who owns SEVERAL of those records.

And yes, I realize that I misspelled "Guinness" on the drawing...LOL!

Friday, June 9, 2017

2017 - Dynamite

This drawing is brutal even for ME!

This handsome and ENORMOUSLY muscular young mine worker and blacksmith tried to stand up to the cruel and heartless corporation that owns and runs the mines, and is now paying the price. After being brutally beaten for hours on end, the exhausted muscle bull has been tied up in one of the deepest mine shafts. The lad's own 300-pound anvil has been hung from his bruised and battered whale nuts, stretching the huge orbs a full FOOT from his straining, muscular groin.

Next, a huge gash has been sliced into his truly monstrous bollocks, and a big stick of dynamite shoved clear through BOTH of those gorgeous balls! Just the cutting alone would have killed any other man's balls, let alone shoving a huge foreign object through their meaty interiors, but the stud's tough bollocks are still very much alive, at least for the moment. Smaller sticks of TNT have been shoved into either end of the big wound, packing the young stud's nuts with enough dynamite to blow half the mountain open.

A very long fuse was attached to the largest stick of dynamite, a fuse that would provide the lad's captors ample time to escape the mineshaft. The doomed hunk has had more than an hour to suffer in his tight bonds, awaiting the inevitable and impending end to both his awesome manhood and his young life.

Friday, June 2, 2017

2017 - Drowning in His Own Cum

I love the idea of using a muscle man's extraordinary virility against him, and this drawing is inspired from one such idea. This young bull stud has been placed in a giant glass cylinder (like a massively oversized beaker) with his mammoth nuts chained to the bottom of the container. Electrode stimulators have been liberally placed all of his gigantic cock and monstrously massive balls, all to stimulate accelerated sperm production and frequent and fantastically copious ejaculations.

The mighty muscle stud is forced to shoot one herculean load after the other, steadily filling up the huge beaker. As the level of the unbelievably thick and chunky spunk rises, the hunky young hulk quickly realizes his danger -- if he keeps on shooting like this, then he'll eventually drown in his own effluvium!!!

As the jizz level rises to the level of the young man's gigantic chest, his tormentors lower a thick rope into the beaker. The young man is being given two options -- stay in the beaker and eventually drown in his own spunk, or save himself by climbing the rope until his balls are literally ripped off of his muscular groin! Either ways, his torturers will be greatly entertained...

Saturday, May 27, 2017

2017 - Wet Ropes

It's February 3rd as I write this message, and this is the final finished drawing in my collection as of this moment. Never fear, though, as I have probably close to 60 other images at various stages of completion at this moment, and no doubt will have many more completed in the months between now and the end of May.

The image below is somewhat nautical/pirate inspired. I've been a big fan of the TV series Black Sails (the final season is airing as I write this message), and I think the actor who plays Billy is one of the sexiest studs currently on TV. Tall, blond, handsome, and muscular -- what's not to love?! :)

The enormously muscular stud in this drawing has been securely lashed to the mainmast of a ship, and coils of thick rope have been tightly wrapped around his mammoth horse dong and gigantic bull nuts, including more than a dozen coils around the narrow neck of his overstretched scrotum. Sea water has then been poured over those ropes, making them swell as they absorb the salty fluid. The swelling ropes further tighten around the hairy lad's oversized genitals, squeezing them with truly crushing force and threatening to make them burst open at any moment. But somehow the handsome hunk continues to endure, suffering forces that would have split heavy timbers or bent iron beams.

But how much more can even THIS young hunk stand?! Sickening cracking and snapping sounds can be heard coming from his steadily crumbing and failing cock and balls, and his massive genitals are turning a frighteningly dark color as their life-giving blood supply is slowly and steadily choked off. And now that the other crew members have started arming themselves with belaying pins and have begun to circle the bound hunk, clearly intent on starting to hammer and pummel his trapped and strangling genitals, it's clear that the handsome muscle giant will not be allowed to survive intact.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

2017 - Warrior Unchained

This image is another drawing that I started many years ago, but has been languishing at the bottom of my portfolio ever since. The original sketch just didn't turn out well, as the stud's proportions were all screwed up and I just couldn't capture the raw sexual power that I had imagined in my mind.

I recently picked up this drawing again and tried to realize the original image that I had pictured, and with better results than I had hoped. I'm still not thrilled with the final result, and I might have another go at this image at some later date, but for now I'm glad to have finally gotten this one off of my drawing board.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

2017 - The Systematic Emasculation and Destruction of Alexander Travis

I LOVE my hot and hunky college boys, and young Alex Travis here is one of my favorites so far! The herculean hunk is barely 18 years old, a freshman at the local university, yet he's already bigger, stronger, and more powerful than any of the other men on the undefeated football team. Professional football scouts all over the country have been literally drooling at the prospect of how much bigger and stronger this young kid could become in the next few years, and his future in the sport seemed secure.

Unfortunately, having so much beauty, power, and raw talent -- not to mention rumors of the most ridiculously oversized set of genitals in the sport -- can create a deadly amount of jealousy, as Alex has just now discovered.

Nearly two dozen college boys from six separate schools have banded together to take Alex down. The young man was known as "Tank", "Moose", and "Bull" by his many buddies and fans due to his truly gargantuan muscular size, and it took nearly all of the attackers to finally take him down and subdue him. He's now been chained to a narrow weight bench at some secret location, helpless against any abuses the other big boys want to heap on him.

His attackers waste now time as they start to torture and abuse the hapless young stud. A half dozen boys armed with heavy mallets start hammering away at the young man's huge horse cock, while another half dozen lads are beneath the bench, landing brutal punches and uppercuts into his jock strap clad bull nuts. The herculean hunk is proving to be even tougher than the other boys could have ever thought, however, for his mighty cock and power-packed balls have already suffered more than an hour of constant pummeling and are still miraculously intact. Angry bruises are erupting all over the surface of his gorgeous bull cock, and the overstretched fabric of his straining jock strap has ripped and torn in nearly a dozen places to expose glimpses of his battered and hairy stud balls. But they are undeniably still whole and intact.

The assailants have all night, however, and are determined to not stop until the mighty muscle man is reduced to a sexless eunuch, and his dreams are as crushed and shattered as the pulverized remains of his once-proud genitals.