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Friday, October 21, 2016

2016 - Takin' It like a MAN

It is March 2nd as I write this text. I have been preloading my artwork blog all evening, and with this image below, I have exhausted my current portfolio of drawings. Hopefully, between now and when this image actually posts, I'll have had the time and the inspiration to churn out a couple dozen more images...but in case I do not or I am otherwise distracted, I just wanted to announce that this is the last of my least for now.

And I'm particularly proud of this one. I can't decide if the victim in this image is a willing player or not. Perhaps he's voluntarily proving his manhood so some sort of secret society. Or maybe he's an unwilling captive who is being used and abused due to his extraordinary good looks, enormously beefy physique, and impossibly oversized genitalia.

I'll let you, the viewer, decide that for yourselves.

The base of the lad's cock and balls have been ever-so-tightly bound, squeezing and crushing the root of his cock and forcing his behemoth bull balls more than half a foot from his gorgeously muscular body. The constricting cords have made his already massive cock and balls balloon to even more monstrous and grotesque dimensions...making them perfect targets for the brutal beating to follow.

The torturers are starting with heavy iron chains, just to warm the kid up and "prime the pump" so to speak. Far more brutal tortures are to follow. With a magnificent and awesomely powerful hunk like this, the tortures might last for days!

Friday, October 14, 2016

2016 - Unsuspecting Bodybuilder

This world-class, super heavyweight bodybuilder made a tidy fortune competing in physique contests all over the country...but he made even MORE money as an escort. For ridiculous sums of money, the straight muscle bull allowed his most affluent admirers to worship his colossal muscles, and sometimes even his magnificent bull cock and monstrous, cum-engorged stud nuts.

The handsome muscle titan was used to a bit of kink from his clients, so he didn't even bat an eye when he was asked to put on a blindfold and then start posing for his latest rich client. He therefore didn't suspect a thing when the business end of a gun was pressed up against the side of one of his gargantuan, power-packed nuts...

Friday, October 7, 2016

2016 - The Pit and the Pendulum (including old drafts)

Since it's October, I thought I would post an image inspired by one of the greatest authors of gothic horror of all time - Edgar Allen Poe. I've revised the design of the pit and the pendulum to put my spin on it. A colossal iron sphere is hanging from the mighty muscle stud's gigantic gonads, and this sphere is set to swinging back and forth in a steady rhythm. The rocking sphere causes the overstretched nut sac to swing as well. The iron sphere obviously causes the handsome stud terrific agony as it threatens to rip his powerful nuts right off of his body, but that's not the focus of the torture.

At the apex of each swing, the hunk's hideously stretched scrotum comes into contact with a pair of extremely sharp blades. These blades barely even knick the skin at first, but as each successive swing falls a tiny bit harder and travels a hairsbreadth more in each direction, the knives cut ever so slowly deeper and deeper into the man's defenseless ballsac.

Soon, the blades will start cutting into the all-important cables and cords and tubes and ducts that connect those vital spheres of virility to the man's muscular crotch. And it won't be long after that before the blades finish their work and cut all the way through the hunk's ball bag, severing those almighty nuts from his extraordinary loins.

A much earlier draft of this drawing is also included below, showing some of the changes and progression in my drawing style.

Friday, September 30, 2016

2016 - Hangin' in the Meat Locker

This drawing was inspired by an illustration I saw a number of years ago, featuring a colossally hung young man being carried off as a bound prisoner by several naked Amazon women. I think the artist/website was something like "erotinomicon" or something like that. Anyway, I made the stud considerably more muscular, and CONSIDERABLY more hung, got rid of the Amazons, added some hefty weights, and voila!

I hope you like it. :)

Friday, September 23, 2016

2016 - Beef Ball Stew

This young muscle bull has been bound and gagged, and then hung suspended from the ceiling over a boiling cauldron. The handsome lad has always been particularly proud of his massive bollocks and how low they hang in his oversized, baggy scrotum.

But today he's starting to wish that they didn't hang quite so low...

The evil tribe of cannibals slowly lower their victim, intending to immerse just his mammoth whale nuts in the boiling stew. They will cook his nuts alive, boiling the untold gallons of raw sperm sloshing around inside their beefy interior until they are reduced to one gigantic clotted mess of dead spunk and cooked ball meat.

And then the celebratory feast will begin!

Friday, September 16, 2016

2016 - Emasculation of the Horse-Hung Paladin

I'm normally most turned on by the victim in these torture fantasies, and rarely spend much time or effort on detailing the torturer. This image kind of happened almost by mistake, and I ended up being powerfully drawn to the gigantic muscle beast of a torturer. Even his concealing horned helm is erotic in its own phallic way.

The unfortunate young warrior, however, is in the process of having his proud manhood brutally torn from his loins. His goliath bull balls managed to stretch a truly astounding distance before they could take no more. This drawing captures the moment his scrotum began to tear and the mighty cords and tubes connecting those gorgeous globes to his powerful young body began to snap. A final, massive, magnificent blast of cum is rocketing from his loins at the moment of his emasculation, a last swan song to his dying manhood.

Friday, September 9, 2016

2016 - Bodybuilder vs. Power Lifter

I really enjoyed creating this particular drawing, as it allowed me to put two gorgeous body types side-by-side -- the lean and utterly etched form of a championship bodybuilder, and the incredibly thick and beefy physique of a mighty power lifter.

I decided to make these two bull studs compete with each other. The test is to see which one of them has the tougher, stronger, most manly set of bollocks. So far, both muscle studs seem evenly matched in that department, so the weight hanging suspended from their balls will need to be gradually increased...until one set of nuts finally fails and is ripped from the handsome stud's muscular body!

Of course, the victor's celebration will likely be brief -- with all of the weight now hanging solely by just his nuts, it's unlikely he'll be able to endure more than a couple more seconds before his nuts join the loser's on the cold and uncaring floor.