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Friday, July 21, 2017

2017 - Pulling Out His Nut Guts

Here's another unusually brutal drawing from me. The concept here is that the hairy muscle hunks huge scrotum has been carefully cut away from his body (and carelessly discarded at the bottom right of the drawing), and then his tender, vulnerable, defenseless nuts have been punched and pummeled to the point where the hammering fists actually plunge THROUGH the tough and fibrous outer walls into the dense and spaghetti-like nut meat within.

That's when his cruel captors start grabbing handfuls of that thick and delicate nut meat and start ripping it right out of his balls! They're going to unman this huge stud bit by bit, tearing his very balls apart until he is left with nothing!

Friday, July 14, 2017

2017 - Pile Driver Redux

I just can't get enough of blunt force trauma for my mega studs' monstrous bull nuts!

Here's another hugely muscular stud having his gigantic gonads smashed paper thin under a massive pile driver. The huge, concrete cylinder has fallen with such overwhelming force that both it and the sturdy base beneath it are cracking under the blow...but the stud's titanic testes have STILL not burst wide open! Might take a few more blows to finish off such heavy and hardy bull balls...

Friday, July 7, 2017

2017 - Penalty Kicks

I love sports-themed scenes of masculine torture and abuse, so the idea of "penalty kicks" was just begging to be turned into a drawing!

This handsome and up-and-coming young soccer star made all of the other players in the college league extraordinarily jealous. The popular young stud was stunningly handsome and unbelievably muscular, built more like a super heavyweight bodybuilder than a soccer or rugby player. But if that wasn't bad enough, the heroically gifted young muscle bull was also blessed with the most ridiculously oversized genitals that any of the other guys had ever seen! And it was this monstrous manhood that ultimately led to the innocent young stud's downfall.

The handsome young buck has been captured by a coalition of players from every other league in the country, including some of own fellow teammates, and he's been forced to his knees and bound with heavy shackles. His utterly titanic testicles have been stretched an impossible TWO FEET from his straining crotch and hobbled on the other size of a heavy low wall. This wall then formed a backstop, allowing each of the jealous and vengeful young soccer players to take turns pumping full-force penalty kicks right into the stud's screaming bollocks!

They've been at it for several hours now, continuously kicking their cleated boots into the lad's bruised and swelling bollocks over and over and over again. The brutal pummeling has forced the handsome stud to blow more than a dozen spectacular loads, coating and recoating his fantastically muscular form with multiple thick layers of his own stud sperm, and making a huge mess of spunk in a 10-foot radius. His battered and heavily wounded balls have grown positively squishy under the relentless abuse, but they still have a lot of fight left in them.

It will likely take at least three or four MORE hours before the super stud's mighty balls are reduced to so much broken, worthless mush...

Friday, June 30, 2017

2017 - Marine's Nuts Severed by an Arrow

It's rare that I depict the actual destruction of a man's genitals. I usually prefer to show that moment just before a stud's manhood is destroyed forever, letting you, the viewer, decide for yourself if the hunk's man parts live or die.

But every once in a while, I just have to go all the way!

That's what's happened with this enormously muscular and hairy Marine bull. His entire squadron was captured by the enemy many weeks ago, and all of the grunts have been mercilessly and brutally beaten and tortured every day since then. Though all of the Marines had been big and tough young men, extraordinary examples of masculine power in its prime, now only one stud remains, the biggest and toughest of them all.

His captors have strung up the sweaty and stinky muscle bull between two big trees, spreading his colossal legs wide so that his titanic testicles hang loose and heavy and monstrously huge from his hairy, muscular groin. An enormous boulder was then tied to the stud's mighty nuts, stretching them even further and causing them to bulge enormously in their freshly shaved sac. He's been left like that for several days, his unbelievably massive nuts mercilessly used as a speed bag and piƱata by dozens and dozens of the enemy soldiers. But the mighty stud endures even THIS most brutal of abuse, grunting and bucking against his restraints, but refusing to cry out or beg for mercy.

All good things must come to an end, however, and the soldiers know that it's time to kill their captive Marine stud. But first, they decide to castrate and unman the mighty warrior, removing those obscenely oversized balls from his fantastically muscular body.

One of the enemy soldiers is an expert bowman, and he chooses one of his specialized arrows for the task at hand, an arrow that has a wide, curved blade at the tip instead of the traditional arrowhead. The smirking soldier pulls back on his heavy composite bow, takes careful aim...and then lets fire...

Friday, June 23, 2017

2017 - Hooks and Sounds

Some of my bull studs actively volunteer to have their massive man parts brutalized and tortured and pushed to new levels of endurance and pain. Such is the case with this handsome lug. More than half a dozen sounds of various shapes and sizes have been simultaneously shoved into his gaping piss slit, making his thick cum tube bulge and swell to obscene proportions. Small hooks have been pierced through both of his tough nipples, and a MUCH larger hook speared through the center of his thick ballsac. Those hooks have all been attached to clever pulley systems, and are now being pulled so hard that his nips and nuts are being stretched away from his body.

For a mighty hunk like this, though, these torments are merely the warm up...

Friday, June 16, 2017

2017 - Guinness World Records

I love the idea of world records being established for things such as genital size, orgasm force, volume, and frequency, scrotal stretch, etc. So I decided to create a drawing featuring a gigantic bull stud who owns SEVERAL of those records.

And yes, I realize that I misspelled "Guinness" on the drawing...LOL!

Friday, June 9, 2017

2017 - Dynamite

This drawing is brutal even for ME!

This handsome and ENORMOUSLY muscular young mine worker and blacksmith tried to stand up to the cruel and heartless corporation that owns and runs the mines, and is now paying the price. After being brutally beaten for hours on end, the exhausted muscle bull has been tied up in one of the deepest mine shafts. The lad's own 300-pound anvil has been hung from his bruised and battered whale nuts, stretching the huge orbs a full FOOT from his straining, muscular groin.

Next, a huge gash has been sliced into his truly monstrous bollocks, and a big stick of dynamite shoved clear through BOTH of those gorgeous balls! Just the cutting alone would have killed any other man's balls, let alone shoving a huge foreign object through their meaty interiors, but the stud's tough bollocks are still very much alive, at least for the moment. Smaller sticks of TNT have been shoved into either end of the big wound, packing the young stud's nuts with enough dynamite to blow half the mountain open.

A very long fuse was attached to the largest stick of dynamite, a fuse that would provide the lad's captors ample time to escape the mineshaft. The doomed hunk has had more than an hour to suffer in his tight bonds, awaiting the inevitable and impending end to both his awesome manhood and his young life.