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Saturday, March 25, 2017

2017 - CHOMP!

I'm particularly happy with this image, and love the simple title. I find this muscle lad to be outrageously handsome, and his muscularity is beyond compare. I also think he must possess one of the BIGGEST cocks I've ever drawn...and that's saying something!

And yup, I've drawn yet another man-eating plant! Obsessed much? LOL! This particular beast has two types of suctioning mouths -- toothless tubes that can encompass and swallow muscular limbs even the size of those possessed by this handsome young lad, and fang-filled maws that can chomp down on even the biggest of meaty genitals.

The young man's gargantuan gonads have been stretched so impossibly far that his taut scrotal skin is starting to tear in a few places, threatening to fail at any moment. But of far greater danger are the hundreds of 3-inch-long fangs that have just plunged to the hilt into the young man's fantastically dense and beefy ball meat. Big, gloopy slugs of raw sperm are bursting out of dozens and dozens of puncture holes in those two massive orbs, and even more of the thick and viscous fluid is being sucked down the long, muscular tube of that gaping maw.

Another massive maw is poised to chomp down on the lad's herculean horse cock, which is even now just moments away from spewing out one of the greatest and most violent cum loads of the young man's tragically brief life.

The vile and emotionless plant is about to chow down on the greatest single meal of muscle and spunk in its entire life. Is there nothing that can be done to rescue this magnificent young man...?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

2017 - Caught in a Web

Well Charlotte has certainly been busy!!! ;)

Our handsome young hero has been caught in the sticky, unbreakable webs of a giant spider, his gargantuan muscles rendered useless and his magnificent form completely helpless. A small knife -- all that remains of this warrior's fearsome weaponry -- is caught in the webs mere inches from his web-bound hand. The hunky lad is straining with all of his awesome might to close that small distance to the weapon's hilt, but the unbreakable strands of the beast's web hold him tight. The handsome hunk is growing desperate, for he can hear the unearthly hiss of the gigantic spider as it starts moving slowly toward its prey, and enormous bulk of the hairy arachnid just starting to emerge out of the shadows like some fearsome nightmare come to hellish life.

Can our handsome hero break free of his bindings in time to save himself from becoming food for the giant spider?

I first sketched this drawing YEARS ago, but never seemed to have the urge to finish it. I stumbled across the old sketch this past January, and finally decided to flesh it out. I'm fairly happy with the results.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

2017 - Barbarian Hammered to a Tree Stump

Village justice can be swift and brutal.

This mighty young barbarian has been judged guilty of a month-long rampage of raping the villagers' daughters -- and livestock -- despite the fact that he had only arrived in the small village that very day.

His magnificently oversized manhood is being systematically run through with huge iron spikes and hammered to a massive oak tree stump in the center of the village commons. with his mammoth genitals skewered and firmly secured in place, the villagers will take turns abusing the hairy hunk's huge cock and balls, perhaps even for days on end, taking out slights real and imagined on the handsome and heroically muscular stranger.

In the end, once the young man's once-proud genitals have been reduced to a bloody and wrecked ruin, the villagers will slice off what's left of the barbarian's massive and mangled manhood and leave the muscular hero a castrated eunuch. But that end is still many painful days ahead...

Saturday, March 4, 2017

2016 - It Came in like a Wrecking Ball

Okay, the title was an obvious choice, but you just KNEW I had to use it someday, didn't you? ;)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

2016 - Cutting Open the Heavy Nutsac

This mighty he-man has been securely bound and a narrow cock ring placed tightly around the base of his colossal schlong, guaranteeing that none of the muscle bull's supremely potent seed can spurt free. 

His gigantic, hairy bollocks naturally hang extremely low, an extraordinarily impressive dangle resulting from the tremendous weight of those colossal cajones. His captor has decided to remove that hairy ball bag and reveal the naked bull nuts beneath, and so he has begun to delicately cut through the stretched-out skin of his long scrotal neck, careful to not cut the all-important cords, cables, and blood vessels that provide life to those two mammoth man orbs. 

Already, the young muscle man's right bollock is beginning to sag lower than its twin as the protective sac is slowly cut away. His evil captor is eager to learn just how low those mighty bollocks will hang once that thick and hairy scrotum has been completely cut away...

Saturday, February 18, 2017

2016 - Breaking the Boner

This unfortunate young muscle buck has been securely shackled and bound, and huge iron weights hung from around the neck of his unbelievably gigantic horse cock. Those huge weights pull the lad's supremely strong boner downward, forcing the middle of the thick and gnarled shaft to rest on top of a low steel partition wall.

With his magnificent dong in place, his torturers take turns striking the very center of the lad's huge shaft with a massive hammer. The incredibly thick, tough, and fibrous cock shaft is trapped between the plummeting hammer head and the immovable steel wall, the dense meat being forced to absorb every ounce of force behind each blow.

The torturers have been at their task for more than an hour now, and have been utterly amazed at the freakish toughness and resilience of the young man's herculean dick. But their efforts are finally paying off. The center of the mammoth shaft is now a mess of red and purple bruises, and the tough tissues are starting to swell and soften under all of the abuse. Even more disturbing is the slight downward bend that has begun to appear at the midpoint of that mighty shaft, a clear sign that the torturers' efforts are beginning to bear fruit.

It's only a matter of time before the remarkable resilient of that thick and beefy cock finally gives out, and the stud's magnificent cock cracks in half, ruining his epic manhood forever.

And then the torturers can turn their attention to the lad's herculean bull balls...

Saturday, February 11, 2017

2016 - Breaking Point

A 10-fingered robotic hand is clenching one of this stud's absolutely mammoth balls in its inexorable, pulverizing grip, squeezing down so hard that the hairy stud's thick ball meat is distorting and bulging obscenely between the clenching metal digits. The unfeeling and indifferent machine knows exactly how much pressure the struggling man orb can take, and it's been holding the stud on the very brink of testicular collapse for a seeming eternity, making the inevitable destruction of the hairy hunk's huge orb last as long as possible.

Then the merciless robot squeezes down just a little bit more...