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Saturday, February 18, 2017

2016 - Breaking the Boner

This unfortunate young muscle buck has been securely shackled and bound, and huge iron weights hung from around the neck of his unbelievably gigantic horse cock. Those huge weights pull the lad's supremely strong boner downward, forcing the middle of the thick and gnarled shaft to rest on top of a low steel partition wall.

With his magnificent dong in place, his torturers take turns striking the very center of the lad's huge shaft with a massive hammer. The incredibly thick, tough, and fibrous cock shaft is trapped between the plummeting hammer head and the immovable steel wall, the dense meat being forced to absorb every ounce of force behind each blow.

The torturers have been at their task for more than an hour now, and have been utterly amazed at the freakish toughness and resilience of the young man's herculean dick. But their efforts are finally paying off. The center of the mammoth shaft is now a mess of red and purple bruises, and the tough tissues are starting to swell and soften under all of the abuse. Even more disturbing is the slight downward bend that has begun to appear at the midpoint of that mighty shaft, a clear sign that the torturers' efforts are beginning to bear fruit.

It's only a matter of time before the remarkable resilient of that thick and beefy cock finally gives out, and the stud's magnificent cock cracks in half, ruining his epic manhood forever.

And then the torturers can turn their attention to the lad's herculean bull balls...

Saturday, February 11, 2017

2016 - Breaking Point

A 10-fingered robotic hand is clenching one of this stud's absolutely mammoth balls in its inexorable, pulverizing grip, squeezing down so hard that the hairy stud's thick ball meat is distorting and bulging obscenely between the clenching metal digits. The unfeeling and indifferent machine knows exactly how much pressure the struggling man orb can take, and it's been holding the stud on the very brink of testicular collapse for a seeming eternity, making the inevitable destruction of the hairy hunk's huge orb last as long as possible.

Then the merciless robot squeezes down just a little bit more...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

2016 - Alien Eruption

Thanks for enduring my brief absence while I caught up with more drawings!

This first image is very obviously inspired by the "Aliens" film franchise. In my fantasy, the military has sent in an elite force of genetically enhanced Space Marines - true "super soldiers" - to wipe out a nest of deadly aliens, but unfortunately run afoul of the aliens' Queen. Sensing that these men would be superior breeding stock for her brood, the Queen has all of the Marines captured and bound in the thick and nearly unbreakable alien resin, and then impregnates each of the men with her vile young.

But instead of impregnating these extraordinarily tough and burly men through the oral-gastric route, she has her spidery "face huggers" grip the heroically oversized bull cocks of these men and force their eggs down the tremendous length of those cocks to plant their young deep into the meaty depths of the men's own massive seed pods.

The unfortunate young Marine featured here is the first to have the alien young reach maturity. A dead "face hugger" is still hanging off of the Space Marine's absolutely mammoth bull cock. The hugger had formerly had a death grip on that titanic tube of man meat as it shoved one of its eggs down the full length of that thick cum tube. Now ready to "hatch", the nascent alien explosively erupts through the incredibly tough outer wall of the stud's gigantic right bollock. Thick ball meat, raw sperm, and thin spaghetti-like filaments of the sperm producing tissues themselves violently spray out in all directions as the behemoth ball all but explodes, opening a huge gaping hole in the side of the burst nut.

Of course, a previous face hugger had planted a second egg inside the herculean hunk's other majestic man orb, so the handsome young lad is likely only minutes away from having his other huge bollock burst wide open!

These mighty Space Marines are freakishly tough, however. I'm thinking that this handsome young stud is so fucking brutally strong, and his massive balls so unbelievably huge and resilient, that even with huge ragged holes blown in the sides of both of them, those colossal nuts are still not dead. Gravely wounded, perhaps even mortally, but for now still very much alive! It's therefore possible that the alien Queen could impregnate his balls again, and again, and again and again and again, forcing him to give birth to a dozen or more alien young before his once-proud bull balls are reduced to so much ground chuck and broken, ruined, and destroyed ball meat. Whaddya think? How many times do you think this stud's mighty bollocks could burst open with another alien baby before they're completely obliterated? ;)

Friday, February 3, 2017

Another quick update...

Hey there gang!

So I just finished scanning 17 (!!!!!) new drawings today, and will start uploading them tomorrow! What's more, I cranked out over 30 detailed sketches in the past week or two, so I have plenty more material that just needs to be "fleshed out" (pun intended) before posting here. In other words, this blog should continuing chugging along throughout 2017! :D

Sorry that cannot upload the first image right now, but I've got to go to work. Enjoy your Friday, everyone, and look for a new drawing here tomorrow!


Monday, January 30, 2017

Brief update...

Hey there everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I have indeed been busily creating some new drawings, and I hope to scan and start uploading them in the next couple of days. Happy New Year to you all, and check back soon for more artwork! :D

Friday, January 6, 2017

2016 - When life gives you melons...

...make melonade!!!

It's November 4, 2016 as I prepare this image for my blog, and as of this moment, this is the last image I have that's ready to post. I'm hoping to create more between now and the time of this posting, but if not, then there may be another lull in postings while I try to find time and inspiration to draw again.

In the meantime, please enjoy this image.

I've always loved the idea of literally squeezing the cum out of a handsome and built stud, and harvesting the lush and copious effluvium in vast buckets and barrels for later use in experiments, breeding programs, or just as a thick and power-packed protein drink. Here, the handsome young victim is having his man boulders crushed by a thick plexiglas plate, and the resulting gush of spunk captured in a big metal drum. This particular drum looks like it's pretty much full, so I think it's time to get a fresh one ready for the lad's next mammoth cum load...

Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 - Farmboy Target Practice

This image isn't the first time I've drawn a heavily-muscled peasant lad being cruelly used for archery practice, but I think this drawing turned out much better than any of my previous efforts. I particularly like this lad's wavy/curly hair for some reason, as well as the body hair that makes the massively-built young lad look older than his mere 19 summers.

Only the young man's fantastically bloated cock and colossal bull balls have been placed through the hole in the target, leaving the rest of his body (mostly) safely on the other side. But you can still see that, despite the thick and dense wood used for the target, the heads of some of the arrows have managed to protrude through the hardwood. There may therefore be arrows that have entered the dense, muscular meat of the lad's abs, groin, and thighs. But his muscles are so tough and so resilient that these puncture wounds are no more than an inch deep, and constitute only very minor wounds on this extremely powerful young man.

Of far more concern are the dozens and dozens of arrows harpooning the lad's monstrous bull cock and herculean bollocks. The Royal Archers are known for their expert aim, and the clustering of arrows within the thick meat of the lad's genitals plays proof to that expertise. A couple of arrows have even been shot through the narrow neck of the lad's scrotum, plunging through the tough cords and thick vessels that attach those most mighty of balls to the lad's massively muscled body. Miraculously, none of these cords and vessels have been severed by the plunging arrows, and the lad's heroically oversized genitals are heavily wounded but still very much alive.

In fact, the guards soon intend to take the farmboy down, pull the many arrows from his pincushioned genitals, and let him rest up and heal for a week. Then they'll hoist him back up and use him for target practice again. And again. And again. The cruel archers intend to see how long the lad can last before his titanic cock and magnificent balls are shredded and mauled and mangled into uselessness.