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Friday, December 2, 2016

2016 - Testicular Vivisection

In this scene, an evil doctor/scientist has captured a phenomenally handsome and muscular young man and bound him to a heavy table. The lad's gargantuan genitals have been bound together and stretched upward and away from his body, making his rock hard cock and cum-engorged balls bloat even bigger than ever. And that's then the evil doctor goes to work.

Using a razor-sharp scalpel, the doctor carefully slices into the young man's scrotum, filleting the skin and carefully peeling it back to expose the incredibly meaty balls within. Once the scrotum has been sufficiently peeled back, the doctor will then use various scalpels and probes on the exposed balls themselves, slicing through the fibrous outer walls to the delicate tissues beneath, and then digging and slicing through those spaghetti-like filaments of sperm producing tissues. The doctor will continue slowly destroying the young man's testicles in a methodical fashion, heedless of the lad's terrible bellows and cries of agony, all in the name of "science".

And many hours from now, when the doctor has finally finished destroying the last vestiges of the young man's phenomenal virility, he will begin work slicing up the stud's spectacularly oversized bull cock...

Friday, November 25, 2016

2016 - Riveting

Here's another image that just didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped.

The concept here is that a group of construction workers have ganged up on their co-worker Jake. The big man is supremely muscular, roguishly handsome, and phenomenally hung, and the other construction workers had grown extremely jealous of the huge stud. They decided to end his reign as an alpha male permanently...

The handsome hunk was strung up in heavy chains and hauled high up the scaffolding on the newest high rise. Jake's titanic bull cock has long since been galvanized into steely hardness by all of the rough hands mauling his magnificently muscular body, and his colossal cajones are churning with a full day's worth of thick baby batter. The cruel blue collar men decide to destroy the most obvious symbols of Jake's awesome masculinity -- his mammoth cock and balls -- in the most painful ways possible.

Thousands of big metal rivets still need to be hammered into place by huge mechanical pile drivers, and the angry construction workers decide to use big Jake in the hammering process. Jake's co-workers manipulate his massive cock and pendulous balls so that they lie in the path between the pile drivers and the rivets, and then turn the hydraulic-powered pile drivers up to full blast.

The jealous construction workers fully expected Jake's genitals to be pulverized into liquid ruin by the very first strike of the pile drivers, but they didn't count on the super human power and toughness in the big lad's mighty man meat. The stud's bullish cock and balls endure blow after blow after annihilating blow, plumping back after each brutal hit. Even more amazingly, the power of each blow is transferred to the rivet beneath the man's incredibly tough flesh, driving the rivets all the way home into the massive steel girders.

The rhythmic and beefy smack of steel-on-meat goes on for hours into the night, the big bull stud enduring abuse that would have destroyed another man's genitals a thousand times over. The big hunk just endures it all stoically, occasionally grunting in pain and thrashing about uselessly in his unbreakable chains. He's also blown nearly a dozen utterly mammoth loads so far, each impossibly voluminous load containing more sperm than another man could produce in a month of steady milking. Jake was just further cementing his status as the greatest stud that any of these men had ever seen.

As the merciless punishment continued, however, it was clear that the relentless hammering of his colossal genitals was starting to take its toll. And as dawn neared, it was obvious that Jake's cock and balls couldn't take much more. His once rock-solid cock had grown puffy and mushy, covered in angry bruises and squashing more than halfway flat with each new hammer blow. His magnificent bollocks appeared to be in even worse shape. His massive sex glands had started out the day like a pair of huge boulders, so dense with ferociously tough nut meat that the pile drivers could barely compress them even a single inch with even their most powerful blows. Now, the pile drivers were able to sink so deep into the heavily traumatized testicular tissues that barely an inch separated the face of the pile driver with the tops of the rivets. The massive and swollen orbs had grown so dark red that they were nearly purple. Worse still, small tears were appearing in the much-abused scrotum, revealing the heavily mauled ball meat beneath.

Yes, it was only a matter of time before Jake's mangled genitals finally burst under the cruel and continuous assault, splattering the huge metal girder with the remains of his once magnificent manhood. It was also clear by the young man's increasing grunting and groaning that he was nearing yet another awe-inspiring orgasm, so it would be a race against time to see if Jake could blast off one last orgasm before his mighty cock and balls were crushed into a useless paste of raw procreative material...

Friday, November 18, 2016

2016 - Stress Testing

Sometimes you just want to see how much abuse a big muscle man can stand. Particularly when that abuse is heaped upon the most sensitive, nerve-packed areas of his body -- his cock, his balls, and his nipples.

Here we have a beefy and extremely well-endowed young stud being put through his paces. Heavy iron chains have been secured to shackles placed around his bull-like bollocks and behind the head of his mammoth horse cock, with the other end of the chains secured to a pair of winches. The wheels on the winches are being slowly turned more and more, stretching out his mighty cock and cum-bloated balls farther than anyone had thought possible. The young man's powerful genitals are struggling mightily to not rip free from his muscular body, even as the cranks on the winches continue their slow turn.

At the same time, huge spheres of solid iron have been hung from each of the lad's delicious-looking paps, stretching out his nipples to the breaking point.

The torturers are all taking best on which body part they think will fail first...

Friday, November 11, 2016

2016 - Double Spiked

I am only mildly pleased at how this image turned out. The stud's proportions (particularly his legs) just feel completely off, and I couldn't capture the devastating impact to the stud's left bollock like I wanted to. Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy this latest attempt.

The handsome hunk is having his bounteous and behemoth balls used and abused in the most inhumanly brutal fashion. First, his titanic testes were stretched in opposite directions, finally achieving an unbelievable stretch from his muscular groin. Next, both gigantic globes were impaled upon thick and cruel steel spears, their wickedly barbed heads easily plunging through the tough and incredibly dense testicular tissue.

For any other man, such horrific abuse would have spelled the end of his nuts then and there. But not for this heroically tough and resilient stud! The two massive spears may have produced horrific, perhaps even mortal, wounds as they plunged clear through his mighty testes, but those two impossibly gigantic balls aren't finished yet. No, they are still very much alive! And completely vulnerable to suffer even more brutal abuses.

Armed with bats and clubs and hammers, the torturers now start taking turns hitting those impaled and immobile bollocks with every bit of force they can muster. The outer walls of the stud's tough sex glands are unbelievably fibrous and durable, but even they can't turn back such violent blows for long. After many dozens of hammer blows, the blunt instruments are now sinking deep into the lad's traumatized nut flesh with each strike, crushing the failing meat against the steel columns of the spears themselves. The wet and sickening crunching sounds emanating from the stud's huge balls speak to the terrible damage being inflicted on those massive nards, but the damn things doggedly continue to refuse to rupture!

How much more can this stud's brutalized balls take before they simply explode under this abuse!?!

Friday, November 4, 2016

2016 - Pinch it Off

Hello all!

It's November 3rd as I type this, and I'm very happy to let you all know that I have scanned a total of 10 new drawings, all of which I will be posting here in the weeks to come. Should get us through to the end of 2016...and hopefully I'll find more time between now and then to create more drawings.

So the concept behind today's drawing is that this handsome, hung, hairy-chested bull of a man has been bound helpless and his massive cock stimulated into full and raging hardness. Once he was fully hard, a pair of enormous steel wedges were brought to bear, one from above and one from below, and a winch cranked until the two wedges began to squeeze the stud's mighty meat between them. The tips of the two steel wedges were blunted, not sharp, so that when they finally came into contact with the stud's bloated genitals, they did not cut the skin as a blade would do. Instead, as the two wedges were very slowly cranked closer and closer together, they dug deeper and deeper into the young man's herculean cock and thick and rubbery ballsac. Relentlessly and remorselessly crushing the tough and fibrous tissues between them.

The stud's mammoth cock swells to even more elephantine proportions as its thick base is strangled and crushed into an ever-smaller space. At the same time, the blood vessels carrying the life-giving oxygen and nutrients to his magnificent testicles is choked off, making his behemoth bollocks scream in agony. All of this brutal attention to his genitals makes the young muscle stud start to cum uncontrollably. However, the two crushing wedges are clamping down on the thick seminal tubes running from his bloated balls into his groin, as well as the even thicker cum tube running along the underside of that fantastic horse cock. The combined effect is that the lad's colossal load is almost completely trapped within his rapidly swelling balls, the horrific congesting within his internal plumbing adding even more to his agony. Only a thick froth of extremely dense and gloopy splooge -- a tiny fraction of his massive cum load -- is able to work its way past the steadily closing wedges and burble wetly out of his titanically swollen cock head.

And STILL the two steel wedges continue to slowly and inexorably close the tiny gap that still separates them. As astonishingly huge and tough as this stallion's man parts are, even they can't hope to hold out for much longer. Yup, it won't be long before that heroic cock and legendary balls are pinched right off!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

More still to come!

Hey there everyone!

In the months since I wrote the intro for the last entry, I did indeed manage to draw another 10 images. I'll be posting those here on this blog in the weeks to come, starting with a new drawing tomorrow at 5 PM.

Apologies for the brief gap in posting here. I am also going to try to get more drawings completed in the next few weeks so that I can keep feeding images into this blog well into 2017.

Thanks for your continued visits and comments! :)


Friday, October 21, 2016

2016 - Takin' It like a MAN

It is March 2nd as I write this text. I have been preloading my artwork blog all evening, and with this image below, I have exhausted my current portfolio of drawings. Hopefully, between now and when this image actually posts, I'll have had the time and the inspiration to churn out a couple dozen more images...but in case I do not or I am otherwise distracted, I just wanted to announce that this is the last of my least for now.

And I'm particularly proud of this one. I can't decide if the victim in this image is a willing player or not. Perhaps he's voluntarily proving his manhood so some sort of secret society. Or maybe he's an unwilling captive who is being used and abused due to his extraordinary good looks, enormously beefy physique, and impossibly oversized genitalia.

I'll let you, the viewer, decide that for yourselves.

The base of the lad's cock and balls have been ever-so-tightly bound, squeezing and crushing the root of his cock and forcing his behemoth bull balls more than half a foot from his gorgeously muscular body. The constricting cords have made his already massive cock and balls balloon to even more monstrous and grotesque dimensions...making them perfect targets for the brutal beating to follow.

The torturers are starting with heavy iron chains, just to warm the kid up and "prime the pump" so to speak. Far more brutal tortures are to follow. With a magnificent and awesomely powerful hunk like this, the tortures might last for days!