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Saturday, May 20, 2017

2017 - Warrior Unchained

This image is another drawing that I started many years ago, but has been languishing at the bottom of my portfolio ever since. The original sketch just didn't turn out well, as the stud's proportions were all screwed up and I just couldn't capture the raw sexual power that I had imagined in my mind.

I recently picked up this drawing again and tried to realize the original image that I had pictured, and with better results than I had hoped. I'm still not thrilled with the final result, and I might have another go at this image at some later date, but for now I'm glad to have finally gotten this one off of my drawing board.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

2017 - The Systematic Emasculation and Destruction of Alexander Travis

I LOVE my hot and hunky college boys, and young Alex Travis here is one of my favorites so far! The herculean hunk is barely 18 years old, a freshman at the local university, yet he's already bigger, stronger, and more powerful than any of the other men on the undefeated football team. Professional football scouts all over the country have been literally drooling at the prospect of how much bigger and stronger this young kid could become in the next few years, and his future in the sport seemed secure.

Unfortunately, having so much beauty, power, and raw talent -- not to mention rumors of the most ridiculously oversized set of genitals in the sport -- can create a deadly amount of jealousy, as Alex has just now discovered.

Nearly two dozen college boys from six separate schools have banded together to take Alex down. The young man was known as "Tank", "Moose", and "Bull" by his many buddies and fans due to his truly gargantuan muscular size, and it took nearly all of the attackers to finally take him down and subdue him. He's now been chained to a narrow weight bench at some secret location, helpless against any abuses the other big boys want to heap on him.

His attackers waste now time as they start to torture and abuse the hapless young stud. A half dozen boys armed with heavy mallets start hammering away at the young man's huge horse cock, while another half dozen lads are beneath the bench, landing brutal punches and uppercuts into his jock strap clad bull nuts. The herculean hunk is proving to be even tougher than the other boys could have ever thought, however, for his mighty cock and power-packed balls have already suffered more than an hour of constant pummeling and are still miraculously intact. Angry bruises are erupting all over the surface of his gorgeous bull cock, and the overstretched fabric of his straining jock strap has ripped and torn in nearly a dozen places to expose glimpses of his battered and hairy stud balls. But they are undeniably still whole and intact.

The assailants have all night, however, and are determined to not stop until the mighty muscle man is reduced to a sexless eunuch, and his dreams are as crushed and shattered as the pulverized remains of his once-proud genitals.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

2017 - Tenderizing the Titan

This drawing features one of my all-time favorite themes -- just some good old fashioned blunt force trauma to the cock and balls! :)

This handsome muscle monster has been suffering blows from the huge studded club for hours and hours on end, and though his massive genitals are almost universally covered in angry purplish-red bruises, they are far from finished. Brutalized, battered, swollen, and more than a little mushy, but still very much alive. In fact, it's going to take at least a few more hours of such brutal abuse to start causing any sort of permanent damage to the young stud's mighty man meat, and many hours more before they're completely destroyed.

In fact, if the stud is allowed a few short rest breaks here and there, allowing his incredibly tough and resilient balls a few brief moments to recover, then this abuse could stretch on for days and days. Perhaps even weeks!

One thing is certain, however -- the lad's cruel captors won't stop until they've completely hammered his massive genitals into oblivion.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

2017 - Some SERIOUS Weight Training!

Sometimes being the biggest, beefiest, strongest, handsomest, and most monstrously hung bull stud in the gym can engender a whole lot of this herculean hunk of a man has just now discovered.

The big muscle bull has been securely bound and and foot, all of his tremendous strength rendered useless and impotent as his many rivals gang up together to take him down a few notches...permanently.

An oversized leather parachute (made special for the young man's monstrously oversized genitals) has been secured around the base of his gigantic balls and rock-hard horse cock, stretching them out over a low steel table. A truly enormous stack of iron plates, weighing just shy of one and a half tons, has been lifted over his trapped and defenseless genitals. Nearly 3,000 pounds of metal destruction hovering perilously over the he-man's humongous man meat.

The other men have been teasing him like this for nearly an hour, threatening to drop the annihilating weight they periodically slap, punch, squeeze, or otherwise abuse his bulging gonads and throbbing monster cock. They've now worked themselves up into a rabid frenzy of lust, and are preparing to finally drop that deadly stack of weights onto the lad's straining manhood.

This he-man's heroic manhood is about to become nothing more than a messy memory...

Saturday, April 22, 2017

2017 - Slow Strangulation

This spectacularly muscular stud has been securely bound at wrist and ankle, exposing his mammoth genitals to the not-so-tender mercies of his torturers. A relatively small iron sphere -- weighing just a couple of tons -- has been hung from his supremely powerful testicles, stretching the humongous bollocks a good 7 or 8 inches from his muscular crotch, a minor stretch for such tough and resilient nuts. The handsome muscle hunk could endure such a small amount of weight hanging from his bull nuts indefinitely.

But the steel cable wrapped so tightly around the neck of that stretched-out scrotum was another matter entirely.

The tightly coiled cable is crushing down the neck of his scrotum with brutal and merciless force, all but cutting off any blood supply between the stud's magnificent body and his big, bloated stud nuts. The dangling iron sphere continues to inexorably tighten the cable's loops, threatening to pinch that gigantic nutsac right off of his body! But somehow the thick cables and tough, fibrous cords connecting those massive balls to his body continue to hold, despite being crushed down to a fraction of their normal thickness.

The mighty muscle stud has been hanging like this for many hours now, and the constant strangulation of his monstrous bull nuts is starting to take its toll. With their normal blood supply reduced to a mere trickle, those two magnificent gonads have turned a dangerously dark shade, slowly choking to death as their supply of life-giving blood is steadily shut off. The thick veins snaking all over those mighty lumps of man meat are now bulging so enormously that they look like they'll burst right through the skin. Dribbles of clear, slick precum are burping out of the young man's colossal cock, but not a single sperm cell has been able to escape his burgeoning, sperm-bloated bollocks. The strangling cable has trapped the vast reservoir of prime stud sperm inside his balls, and the hours of stimulation and abuse have sent the sperm-producing tissues in those mighty nuts into overdrive, causing the bloated balls to swell larger still with too-long-trapped cum.

Those are some supremely tough and resilient bull balls, however, so it may be many hours yet before those bollocks are well and truly dead. But even now, those purplish-blue balls are starting to cool, and will eventually grow cold as the heat of life leaves them. And all of those gallons of rich spunk will slowly cool and congeal as well, the untold billions of he-man sperm cells dying before ever having the chance to spawn a future generation of mighty muscle men.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

2017 - Polar Peril

This is another old sketch that's finally been realized into a finished drawing. I don't know what inspired me to use an arctic theme, but the "rock" beneath the bound stud's body is actually supposed to be a solid block of nearly clear ice. That's why you can see the faint image of the spikes that have been driven deep into the frozen interior. And that's also why the hunk's huge balls have goosebumps all over them, their warm, heavy forms chilled by the achingly cold ice.

The four spikes driven through the lad's stretched out scrotum were carefully placed to avoid the various cords and vessels connecting the stud's humongous balls to his fantastically muscular body. Another spike has been inserted like some kind of massive iron sound down the full length of the lad's gaping cum tube, all but cutting off the escape of any of the stud's precum and sperm. The last two massive spikes are being driven into the young man's massive bollocks, skewering them and securing them fast to the huge block of ice.

Now the REAL tortures are about to begin...

Saturday, April 8, 2017

2017 - Plow Horse

At least a decade ago, I recall sketching a drawing where a lad's huge horse cock was being used as a blunt plow to turn the hard, sun-baked soil in some farmer's field. Now, year's later, I've returned to the concept. Only this time, an actual iron plow is doing the tilling.

I like to think, though, that this handsome young muscle hunk is fertilizing the fields with periodic eruptions of his own rich and incredibly copious spunk, enriching the soil with his own seed.