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Monday, December 25, 2017

Colorized versions of Jayse's artwork!

I thought I'd celebrate Christmas by sharing with all of you a gift given to me by my friend Luis, who has colorized several of my drawings. I'm extremely impressed by his ability to use shading and highlighting to make my big men look even more fantastically muscular and powerful. Thank you again, Luis, for making my creations come alive!

Friday, December 22, 2017

2017 - Venus Ball Trap

It is the end of September as I upload this image, and as of this moment, it's the final new drawing that I currently have ready to post on my blog. Hopefully, in the intervening months, I'll have found time to create still more drawings.

Never fear, however, for even if there's another pause in my posts, trust that I have a TON of sketches and other ideas already in the works, and I just need to find time and inspiration to put pencil to paper. :)


By now, you're all familiar with my love of monstrous creatures attacking the very heart of a muscular bull's manhood, and this latest drawing is yet another example. Actually, I'm rather amazed that I haven't attempted a drawing featuring a Venus fly trap before now! LOL!

The monstrous plant has wrapped dozens of its tentacles around the handsome young man's magnificently muscular body, wrapping him in a tight embrace and allowing the sticky secretions from these curling tentacles to seep into the lad's skin and paralyze his mighty muscles. One of its muscular tentacle mouths had latched onto the great bulbous end of the youth's gargantuan bull cock, locking onto the swollen, meaty head of the lad's colossal dick in preparation of draining the big boy of his fantastic vitality. Its primary mouth, the 'fly trap' from which it got its name, has meanwhile clamped tightly over the young man's enormous, cum-swollen bollocks, the great fanged maw clasping them in a harsh and ever-tightening embrace.

As the huge, powerful mouth squeezes down on the handsome young man's mighty man eggs, the unbelievable crushing pressure forces the lad's quivering, pulsating cock to start jettisoning its heavy, heavy load. His fantastically thick and rich sperm is hungrily sucked down the length of the tentacle mouth to the creature's waiting gullet, glutting the carnivorous plant on an absolute FEAST of protein-rich man cream.

Such an extraordinary specimen of man could conceivably feed the voracious creature for months and months to come. Unfortunately, the monstrous plant possesses nothing more than a bestial intelligence, and it will continue crushing the lad's colossal balls until every last load has been sucked out of them, until his deep, deep well of virility has been drained bone dry.

And then it will continue crushing his magnificent bollocks until they burst, finally consuming the source of the young man's epic manhood.

Fortunately, that moment is still many hours away, for the handsome and hunky lad will likely be able to produce DOZENS of titanic loads before his hyper virile stud stones are finally and fully emptied and crushed to the breaking point.

Friday, December 15, 2017

2017 - Thor's OTHER Hammer

I make no secret for my love of super heroes, and in my opinion, the most impressive translation of a super hero to the big screen is Chris Hemsworth's Thor (though Henry Cavill's Superman is a close second). I think that Chris is extraordinarily handsome, and his body is ridiculously beautiful. So it was his intoxicating maleness, and just the hotness of the Thor character in general, that inspired this particular drawing.

Some evil, malevolent entity has captured Asgard and all of the Norse deities. Odin and all of the other gods and goddesses are forced to watch in helpless horror as the greatest of their number, mighty Thor himself, is subjected to unspeakably cruel tortures. This week-long marathon of agony and abuse will culminate with the annihilation of the young god's colossal cajones, the source and wellspring of his fantastic masculine might and virility. And the cruel tormentor will use Thor's own warhammer, long the symbol of his deific might, to pummel and crush those ferociously strong and mighty man orbs until they've been shattered and utterly liquified, forever ending Thor's long reign as the mightiest of men.

Friday, December 8, 2017

2017 - Some SERIOUS Weight Training - Parts 1 and 2

At a viewer's request, I have drawn a sequel to "Some SERIOUS Weight Training", showing the colossal stack of weights (now topping the scales at 3,000 kg, by the way) crashing down with brutal and junk-mashing force into the handsome muscle man's trapped goodies. The unbelievably thick cock shaft and heroically oversized nuts are crushed virtually flat beneath the heavy press of weights, but somehow continue to survive, proving that they are indeed tougher than least for now...

The same viewer also requested a third panel, where the handsome muscle beast's traumatized cock and balls explode under the brutal onslaught. If there's enough of an interest in such an image, then I'll consider drawing that one as well...  >:)

Friday, December 1, 2017

2017 - Sexecution

Yes, it's rare that I draw the actual destruction of a man's mammoth junk, but every once in a while, I've just got to go all the way. :)

This mighty muscle bull is allowed to reach a shuddering orgasm one last time before the heavy axe falls and chops off his proud horse cock and gargantuan bull balls.

Friday, November 24, 2017

2017 - Rugby Tug-of-War

The title and text just about says it all. 

Bartholomew "The Bull" Boudreau was the most enormously muscular beast of a man in any sport anywhere, college or professional alike. He was also outrageously handsome and impossibly endowed, possessing the biggest set of cock and balls in the history of the human race. 

These qualities made even his own teammates jealous. Murderously jealous... ;) 

This bull's name was inspired by Bartlomiej Grubba, a powerlifter and strongman competitor who I happen to find incredibly handsome and sexy. Google his name and check him out, and let me know what you think. :)

Friday, November 17, 2017

2017 - Pinching 'Em Off

This colossal stack of muscles is desperate to free his massive balls from the slowly crushing force of the huge steel wedges, but with his behemoth bollocks trapped on the other side of the metal forms, there's no way that he can escape.

The tiniest gap now remains between the two enormous wedges, a gap that contains the all-important cables and cords and blood vessels that attach his gargantuan globes to his body and give them such vibrant life. They've been choked like this for hours already, making the veins bulge enormously all over their surface as the life-giving flow of blood and nutrients has been steadily dropping off. The titanic testicles have grown dangerously dark in the intervening time, and growing steadily colder and colder as well as their heat slowly bleeds away. But the mighty vessels of manhood yet live, though their continued existence may now be measured in mere minutes.

At any moment, the stud's cruel captor may choose to suddenly close the tiny gap between those steel wedges, literally pinching off the muscle man's gigantic balls forever. Or the evil tormentor might instead allow them to continue to slowly strangle to death, dying on the vine with their final, magnificent, titanic load of burly stud cum trapped inside for an eternity.