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Friday, September 23, 2016

2016 - Beef Ball Stew

This young muscle bull has been bound and gagged, and then hung suspended from the ceiling over a boiling cauldron. The handsome lad has always been particularly proud of his massive bollocks and how low they hang in his oversized, baggy scrotum.

But today he's starting to wish that they didn't hang quite so low...

The evil tribe of cannibals slowly lower their victim, intending to immerse just his mammoth whale nuts in the boiling stew. They will cook his nuts alive, boiling the untold gallons of raw sperm sloshing around inside their beefy interior until they are reduced to one gigantic clotted mess of dead spunk and cooked ball meat.

And then the celebratory feast will begin!

Friday, September 16, 2016

2016 - Emasculation of the Horse-Hung Paladin

I'm normally most turned on by the victim in these torture fantasies, and rarely spend much time or effort on detailing the torturer. This image kind of happened almost by mistake, and I ended up being powerfully drawn to the gigantic muscle beast of a torturer. Even his concealing horned helm is erotic in its own phallic way.

The unfortunate young warrior, however, is in the process of having his proud manhood brutally torn from his loins. His goliath bull balls managed to stretch a truly astounding distance before they could take no more. This drawing captures the moment his scrotum began to tear and the mighty cords and tubes connecting those gorgeous globes to his powerful young body began to snap. A final, massive, magnificent blast of cum is rocketing from his loins at the moment of his emasculation, a last sawn song to his dying manhood.

Friday, September 9, 2016

2016 - Bodybuilder vs. Power Lifter

I really enjoyed creating this particular drawing, as it allowed me to put two gorgeous body types side-by-side -- the lean and utterly etched form of a championship bodybuilder, and the incredibly thick and beefy physique of a mighty power lifter.

I decided to make these two bull studs compete with each other. The test is to see which one of them has the tougher, stronger, most manly set of bollocks. So far, both muscle studs seem evenly matched in that department, so the weight hanging suspended from their balls will need to be gradually increased...until one set of nuts finally fails and is ripped from the handsome stud's muscular body!

Of course, the victor's celebration will likely be brief -- with all of the weight now hanging solely by just his nuts, it's unlikely he'll be able to endure more than a couple more seconds before his nuts join the loser's on the cold and uncaring floor.

Friday, September 2, 2016

2016 - Hammer Time for the Hyper-Hung Hunk

This handsome muscle man has been hung from the ceiling by chains secured at wrist and ankle. A cable has been secured to a ring around the base of his cock head, stretching the massive dork off to one side. Another, larger ring has been secured around the base of the stud's mammoth bull nuts, and a truly huge sphere of solid iron hung from them, stretching the straining, screaming orbs down well over a foot from his muscular crotch.

And that's when the fun begins.

An entire team of violent torturers, armed with oversized sledgehammers, brass knuckles, and a host of other weapons, have been have been wailing and pounding mercilessly at the stud's heroically powerful body. Of course, the bulk of these blows have been landing on his bloated horse cock and elephant-sized lug nuts.

Sadly for this magnificent hunk, he's built so strong and so powerful that he's likely going to be able to endure such vicious abuse for many more hours to come...before his mighty genitals are finally reduced to pulped rubble.

Friday, August 26, 2016

2016 - Testicle Splitter

The extraordinary artist known as JAD has inspired a lot of my drawings over the past couple of years, and I can really see his influence here.

This hairy hunk's massive bollocks have been trapped between two thick cylinders, and as the pair of heavy screws are tightened, the distance between the two cylinders steadily decreases. crushing the thick ball meat trapped in between. The extraordinary pressure being exerted on those two monumental man orbs has them on the verge of bursting wide open within their hairy sac, but somehow they still endure. But for how much longer?

The handsome muscle lad's huge cock is also being profoundly tortured at the same time. There is a small metal ring fastened around the base of that massive schlong, crushing the great tower of man meat right at its very root. Two more rings are encircling the enormous bloated shaft, one right behind the bulbous head and the other just a few inches from the cock root. A slender but very strong chain connects these two rings. The chain didn't cause any problems when the stud's cock was still soft, but once it got hard (which happened automatically in response to the agonizing slow torture of his bull nuts), the chain caused the mighty dick to rear backwards upon itself, developing the most tortured bend imaginable. Every powerful throb of his ridiculously hard cock threatens to be the one to finally crack the tough fibers and thick flesh that keep his mammoth member intact.

If the young muscle stud should cum -- which seems inevitable, given how hard that mighty cock is quivering -- then the powerful throbbing will almost certainly finish the job, causing his gargantuan fuckstick to break in half. This event will no doubt be accompanied by the simultaneous and spectacular destruction of his prize spud nuts!

Friday, August 19, 2016

2016 - Warm-Up Weights

This is my first return to a gym-based drawing in a long time, and I really like how it turned out.

I love photos of big and handsome bodybuilders doing dips with heavy chains draped around their neck, or massive weights dangling between their legs from a harness hung around their waist. So I wanted to recreate that image here, but crank it up a few notches.

I also really like how his huge nuts turned out. Typically, I like to portray a muscle stud's huge nuts being pulled impossibly far from his body, but I went in the opposite direction here. This handsome hulk's ball cords are so ferociously tough and strong that they barely stretch even with roughly 220 pounds hangin' from 'em! Those are some TOUGH fuckin' nuts!! I can only imagine how much weight it would take to really start stretching them out...  :)

Friday, August 12, 2016

2016 - Marine's Manly Mangling

This mighty hulk of a Marine has been captured by the enemy and bound inside a special dungeon. His absolutely enormous cock and balls have been forced through a relatively narrow hole in the floor, which provides a solid backboard for countless punches and devastating upper cuts coming up from below. Meanwhile, the rest of his body hasn't escaped abuse either, as evidenced by the many bruises blossoming all over the vast expanse of his mammoth muscles.

I particularly like the detail where his own dog tags have been used as a noose to ensnare his bloated left nut and stretch it perilously far from his straining crotch. Both melon-sized man orbs are also looking much the worse for wear after suffering untold punches, kicks, and hammer blows, and their formerly oblong spherical shapes have started to become positively knobbly as their tough and fibrous outer walls are slowly broken down...