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Friday, November 17, 2017

2017 - Pinching 'Em Off

This colossal stack of muscles is desperate to free his massive balls from the slowly crushing force of the huge steel wedges, but with his behemoth bollocks trapped on the other side of the metal forms, there's no way that he can escape.

The tiniest gap now remains between the two enormous wedges, a gap that contains the all-important cables and cords and blood vessels that attach his gargantuan globes to his body and give them such vibrant life. They've been choked like this for hours already, making the veins bulge enormously all over their surface as the life-giving flow of blood and nutrients has been steadily dropping off. The titanic testicles have grown dangerously dark in the intervening time, and growing steadily colder and colder as well as their heat slowly bleeds away. But the mighty vessels of manhood yet live, though their continued existence may now be measured in mere minutes.

At any moment, the stud's cruel captor may choose to suddenly close the tiny gap between those steel wedges, literally pinching off the muscle man's gigantic balls forever. Or the evil tormentor might instead allow them to continue to slowly strangle to death, dying on the vine with their final, magnificent, titanic load of burly stud cum trapped inside for an eternity.

Friday, November 10, 2017

2017 - One More Twist...

I REALLY like how this young lad turned out. I think his face is particularly handsome, and his mammoth muscles turned out even better than I could have hoped. Again, I was experimenting with striations, and I think that they really help highlight both his tremendous size and his shredded muscularity.

The bound hunk has had his gargantuan bull balls placed in some sort of squeezing vise, where the twisting of the handle causes the steel bands wrapped around the center of both of his balls to contract smaller and smaller and smaller. His mighty, meaty nuts have now been crushed so unbelievably tight in the middle that they've been nearly bisected, forming a pair of enormously bulging nut segments both above and below the deadly vise. Any single bulging segment is many times larger than virtually any other man's entire ballsac, and they continue to bulge bigger and bigger as the vise digs ever deeper into their beefy interiors.

His behemoth bollocks have now been crushed so tight, their centers collapsed to such a tiny, narrow space, that even the smallest additional crank of the handle must certainly result in their explosive destruction. The handsome hunk's last moments as an intact male seem to stretch on forever as his tormentor takes a grip of the heavy wooden handle, flexes his arm muscles, and then gives the devise one final, sharp, violent twist...

Friday, November 3, 2017

2017 - Moose and Squirrel

This drawing is unrelated to the somewhat Halloween-themed story that I intend to post on my story blog in October and November, but the great size difference between these two hunky young men does mirror that of the two main characters in that story series.

These two hot and hunky young college studs have been the talk of the town, as they've been lovers since they first met as roommates Freshman year. Mike the Moose is a titanic giant of a man, standing 6'8" tall and absolutely monstrously muscular, far bigger and meatier than any defensive lineman in all of professional football, let alone the younger men at the college level. Scott the Squirrel is an extraordinarily gifted young gymnast, standing only 5'4" tall but far more muscular than a typical gymnast. Both young men are also outrageously handsome, and though they are a study in contrasts (height, weight, hair color, amount of body hair, etc.), the two are somehow perfectly paired.

The numbers in parentheses are supposed to be the lengths of their rock hard cocks. Scott's thick 9.5" would be considered big on any man, but is absolutely huge on his compact, meaty, 5'4" frame. Mike's titanic schlong is over TWICE the length of Scott's beefy pole, however, and ten times as thick and juicy. The 22" mega dong is several orders of magnitude too big to fit into any human orifice, but Scott is nonetheless an expert at helping the bigger bull of a man get his rocks off, using every inch of his lithe and muscular body to stroke and caress and pump that enormous crank to a fantastically messy conclusion...usually 5 or 6 times a night! :)

I like how Moose doesn't even fit in the king-sized bed, and that his enormous, muscular weight is causing the specially reinforced mattress to sag. That's my kind of man! :D

Friday, October 27, 2017

2017 - The Labors of Hercules

Okay, okay, I know I'm mixing my Greek legends by combining Hercules and Sisyphus, but I just love the idea of some big-muscled bull being forced to drag an insanely heavy weight by his beefy balls alone. :)

I really enjoyed adding all of those dense striations to the young man's gargantuan muscles, as well as all of the sweat dripping off of his body under the relentlessly blazing sun. I also like how the great snaking veins on his bulging bull balls turned out, speaking to the ferocious strain being placed on those gargantuan gonads.

Friday, October 20, 2017

2017 - 2517 Jovian Genital Powerlifting Competition

Five centuries into our future, mankind has colonized virtually every planet and moon in the solar system. The species has also evolved dramatically, allowing humans to not just endure, but to thrive in conditions that would have been deadly to 21st century man. Bobby Bradshaw is a fantastic example of such evolution -- the titanically muscular teenager hails from one of the moons of Jupiter, and has grown up under a gravity several orders of magnitude greater than that of Earth.

I love imagining what sort of physical competitions such highly evolved super men could endure, and naturally, I decided to focus on the man's heroically oversized and brutally powerful genitals. :D

I particularly like how his oversized and steel-cable-reinforced posing strap is still several sizes too small to accommodate both his gorgeously muscular ass and his titanically-oversized bull testicles.

Friday, October 13, 2017

2017 - Hooks and Spikes

This hunky, hairy-chested muscle man has been rendered utterly defenseless, massive steel shackles at his wrists and ankles suspending him high overhead like some great, meaty piƱata.

Thick iron hooks have been brutally shoved through the dense meat of his colossal cock shaft, careful to avoid puncturing the great cum tube running along the underside of that enormous trouser beast. Chains connected to these hooks have been attached to a series of heavy cranks, each of which is being continuously and slowly turned, pulling harder and harder at that colossal cock. The strain on the thick cock root is extreme and excruciating, and even now, tiny tears and trickles of blood are starting to form at the great base of that cock as it starts to rip away from his phenomenally muscular body.

His monstrous, meaty, mega balls have likewise been stretched to the snapping point, and are being repeatedly and rhythmically hammered to death by a pair of wickedly spiked, heavy iron maces. Those huge, spiked spheres are raining down steady destruction on the two softening, yielding lumps of man meat, but those twin tanks of manhood are ferociously strong, so it will take a good long while yet before they're reduced to so much gory paste.

Friday, October 6, 2017

2017 - Harvesting a Prime Milking Bull

This colossally muscular stud is one of the most virile and productive milking bulls in the entire facility, producing unbelievably vast quantities of his unnaturally thick and gloopy cum each and every day. The method the facility uses to drain his epic cum loads is particularly brutal and painful, however, for it involves driving dozens of long, sharp spikes into the very center of his dense nut meat, and then using powerful suction to draw the raw sperm right out of the bulging, bloated testicles.

Over time, this method of sperm extraction will cause permanent scarring and damage to the interior of those two monstrous nuts, eventually rendering them infertile and sterile, reducing the great hulking bull to an oversized eunuch. But given this particular bull's great strength and stamina, that end is still a long, long way off...