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Friday, January 6, 2017

2016 - When life gives you melons...

...make melonade!!!

It's November 4, 2016 as I prepare this image for my blog, and as of this moment, this is the last image I have that's ready to post. I'm hoping to create more between now and the time of this posting, but if not, then there may be another lull in postings while I try to find time and inspiration to draw again.

In the meantime, please enjoy this image.

I've always loved the idea of literally squeezing the cum out of a handsome and built stud, and harvesting the lush and copious effluvium in vast buckets and barrels for later use in experiments, breeding programs, or just as a thick and power-packed protein drink. Here, the handsome young victim is having his man boulders crushed by a thick plexiglas plate, and the resulting gush of spunk captured in a big metal drum. This particular drum looks like it's pretty much full, so I think it's time to get a fresh one ready for the lad's next mammoth cum load...

Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 - Farmboy Target Practice

This image isn't the first time I've drawn a heavily-muscled peasant lad being cruelly used for archery practice, but I think this drawing turned out much better than any of my previous efforts. I particularly like this lad's wavy/curly hair for some reason, as well as the body hair that makes the massively-built young lad look older than his mere 19 summers.

Only the young man's fantastically bloated cock and colossal bull balls have been placed through the hole in the target, leaving the rest of his body (mostly) safely on the other side. But you can still see that, despite the thick and dense wood used for the target, the heads of some of the arrows have managed to protrude through the hardwood. There may therefore be arrows that have entered the dense, muscular meat of the lad's abs, groin, and thighs. But his muscles are so tough and so resilient that these puncture wounds are no more than an inch deep, and constitute only very minor wounds on this extremely powerful young man.

Of far more concern are the dozens and dozens of arrows harpooning the lad's monstrous bull cock and herculean bollocks. The Royal Archers are known for their expert aim, and the clustering of arrows within the thick meat of the lad's genitals plays proof to that expertise. A couple of arrows have even been shot through the narrow neck of the lad's scrotum, plunging through the tough cords and thick vessels that attach those most mighty of balls to the lad's massively muscled body. Miraculously, none of these cords and vessels have been severed by the plunging arrows, and the lad's heroically oversized genitals are heavily wounded but still very much alive.

In fact, the guards soon intend to take the farmboy down, pull the many arrows from his pincushioned genitals, and let him rest up and heal for a week. Then they'll hoist him back up and use him for target practice again. And again. And again. The cruel archers intend to see how long the lad can last before his titanic cock and magnificent balls are shredded and mauled and mangled into uselessness.

Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 - Ground Chuck

I gotta admit - this image is brutal even by my standards! But it's an image I've always wanted to create. I just hope you'll forgive the pun in the title -- it just came to me in a flash of inspiration, and I HAD to use it! :D

Chuck Samson, classically handsome bull stud and prized player on his undefeated college football team, has been captured by masked rivals who hate the talented and athletic stud and who want to take him down...permanently.

The stud's colossal nuts have been stuffed into an old-fashioned meat grinder, and his mammoth whale cock stimulated into rock-solid hardness. Then the cruelest of the masked men starts turning the handle on the meat grinder, and its metal teeth start to dig into and tear apart the handsome stud's beyond-gigantic balls. The appearance of the ground meat on the face of the meat grinder signals the beginning of the slow destruction of the hunk's fabled manhood...though judging by the sheer massive SIZE of the lad's mighty bull nuts, it's going to be quite some time before that destruction is complete.

Friday, December 16, 2016

2016 - Drill Baby Drill

The title of this image pokes fun at a certain Alaskan politician, but clearly depicts a very different type of drilling than what she had in mind. However, this drilling is accessing a fluid far more precious than mere oil!

As the thick and heavy steel bit of the power drill plunges deep into this handsome lad's gargantuan, dinosaur egg balls, the excruciating pain causes his powerful loins to spontaneously orgasm, blasting out unreal quantities of prime stud sperm from his colossal cock. The young muscle man's balls are so impossibly enormous that the drill has a vast acreage it can cover, and as it plunges in to the hilt over and over again, it forces more and more of the white liquid gold out of the hunk's humongous gonads.

Each time the drill bit is placed against another location, the spinning bit takes a good 5 to 10 seconds to work its way through the incredibly tough outer wall of a gonad. But once past that outer barrier, the drill bit plunges forward through the dense but delicate testicular matter like a hot knife through butter, ripping through the slender, spaghetti-like filaments that produce the lad's vast reservoir of sperm and churning them into liquified nut guts.

Already, a dozen or so holes have been drilling into the handsome stud's massive bollocks, and the voluminous quantity of spunk blasting out of his cock hasn't flagged in the slightest. However, each time the bit drills down into the heart of the young man's prodigious nuts, it destroys another portion of sperm-producing tissues, slowly eating away at the lad's heroic virility. Soon, his mammoth cum loads will start to decline as his balls sustain more and more damage, until he is finally and effectively castrated. The tough outer shell of his balls will remain structurally intact, despite the many dozens of holes drilled into each swollen nut, but the heavy meat and dense tissue within will have been destroyed, reduced to a gloopy mess of blended nut flesh and raw sperm. The liquified nut guts will slowly drain from the many-punctured balls like water from a sieve, leaving two useless empty husks where his mighty manhood once lived.

Friday, December 9, 2016

2016 - Crucified

Okay, it is truly coincidence that I'm posting this crucifixion image close to Christmas.

I wanted to see how many spikes I could drive through this heroically built young man's tough flesh, and I'm very happy with the results. Though what do you guys think...should I add another spike or two...? ;)

Friday, December 2, 2016

2016 - Testicular Vivisection

In this scene, an evil doctor/scientist has captured a phenomenally handsome and muscular young man and bound him to a heavy table. The lad's gargantuan genitals have been bound together and stretched upward and away from his body, making his rock hard cock and cum-engorged balls bloat even bigger than ever. And that's then the evil doctor goes to work.

Using a razor-sharp scalpel, the doctor carefully slices into the young man's scrotum, filleting the skin and carefully peeling it back to expose the incredibly meaty balls within. Once the scrotum has been sufficiently peeled back, the doctor will then use various scalpels and probes on the exposed balls themselves, slicing through the fibrous outer walls to the delicate tissues beneath, and then digging and slicing through those spaghetti-like filaments of sperm producing tissues. The doctor will continue slowly destroying the young man's testicles in a methodical fashion, heedless of the lad's terrible bellows and cries of agony, all in the name of "science".

And many hours from now, when the doctor has finally finished destroying the last vestiges of the young man's phenomenal virility, he will begin work slicing up the stud's spectacularly oversized bull cock...

Friday, November 25, 2016

2016 - Riveting

Here's another image that just didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped.

The concept here is that a group of construction workers have ganged up on their co-worker Jake. The big man is supremely muscular, roguishly handsome, and phenomenally hung, and the other construction workers had grown extremely jealous of the huge stud. They decided to end his reign as an alpha male permanently...

The handsome hunk was strung up in heavy chains and hauled high up the scaffolding on the newest high rise. Jake's titanic bull cock has long since been galvanized into steely hardness by all of the rough hands mauling his magnificently muscular body, and his colossal cajones are churning with a full day's worth of thick baby batter. The cruel blue collar men decide to destroy the most obvious symbols of Jake's awesome masculinity -- his mammoth cock and balls -- in the most painful ways possible.

Thousands of big metal rivets still need to be hammered into place by huge mechanical pile drivers, and the angry construction workers decide to use big Jake in the hammering process. Jake's co-workers manipulate his massive cock and pendulous balls so that they lie in the path between the pile drivers and the rivets, and then turn the hydraulic-powered pile drivers up to full blast.

The jealous construction workers fully expected Jake's genitals to be pulverized into liquid ruin by the very first strike of the pile drivers, but they didn't count on the super human power and toughness in the big lad's mighty man meat. The stud's bullish cock and balls endure blow after blow after annihilating blow, plumping back after each brutal hit. Even more amazingly, the power of each blow is transferred to the rivet beneath the man's incredibly tough flesh, driving the rivets all the way home into the massive steel girders.

The rhythmic and beefy smack of steel-on-meat goes on for hours into the night, the big bull stud enduring abuse that would have destroyed another man's genitals a thousand times over. The big hunk just endures it all stoically, occasionally grunting in pain and thrashing about uselessly in his unbreakable chains. He's also blown nearly a dozen utterly mammoth loads so far, each impossibly voluminous load containing more sperm than another man could produce in a month of steady milking. Jake was just further cementing his status as the greatest stud that any of these men had ever seen.

As the merciless punishment continued, however, it was clear that the relentless hammering of his colossal genitals was starting to take its toll. And as dawn neared, it was obvious that Jake's cock and balls couldn't take much more. His once rock-solid cock had grown puffy and mushy, covered in angry bruises and squashing more than halfway flat with each new hammer blow. His magnificent bollocks appeared to be in even worse shape. His massive sex glands had started out the day like a pair of huge boulders, so dense with ferociously tough nut meat that the pile drivers could barely compress them even a single inch with even their most powerful blows. Now, the pile drivers were able to sink so deep into the heavily traumatized testicular tissues that barely an inch separated the face of the pile driver with the tops of the rivets. The massive and swollen orbs had grown so dark red that they were nearly purple. Worse still, small tears were appearing in the much-abused scrotum, revealing the heavily mauled ball meat beneath.

Yes, it was only a matter of time before Jake's mangled genitals finally burst under the cruel and continuous assault, splattering the huge metal girder with the remains of his once magnificent manhood. It was also clear by the young man's increasing grunting and groaning that he was nearing yet another awe-inspiring orgasm, so it would be a race against time to see if Jake could blast off one last orgasm before his mighty cock and balls were crushed into a useless paste of raw procreative material...