Sunday, December 17, 2023

Wounded POW

Here is my final drawing from this most recent batch, just in time for the holidays! 

This monumentally muscular soldier has been captured and very heavily beaten and tortured by the enemy for weeks and weeks on end. But the heroically handsome hunk proves to be as terrifically tough as he is colossally muscular, and he's able to endure everything that his cruel captors can think of to dish out. His magnificent form is bruised and battered and bloodied after nearly two months of brutal attentions, but he's still an almighty and powerful male figure, making his captors feel small and insignificant in comparison. 

Tiring of their games and the young man's super human levels of endurance, the evil men decide to step things up a few notches, and focus ALL of their attentions on the already deeply bruised and heavily mauled -- but still completely intact -- behemoth baby makers on their hunky captive. They begin by tying off the stud's herculean huevos with a length of nylon cord, pinching them off in the very base of their overstretched sac and starting to choke the very life out of them. They will then secure the straining and strangling nuts to the surface of the heavy wooden table, whereupon they will start to beat the big bulging orbs with every cruel instrument and device they can get their hands one. 

One thing is for certain -- the hunky G.I. will not finish the day with anything even remotely resembling a pair of functioning testicles between his muscle-girded legs. Instead, nothing but the sloppy remains of his shattered and pulverized nut guts will be decorating the entire surface of the large table by day's end... 

Sunday, December 10, 2023

The Juicer

This is the final image in this latest batch that was inspired by JAD.

The Juicer is designed to juice its targets -- in this case, a very heavy brace of bollocks on this hunky young captive -- of all fluids. The cranking gears slowly drop an upper plate loaded with hundreds of incredibly long and sharp spikes, which it through an equal number of perfectly-spaced holes in the shallow bowl below. Anything caught in between is skewered by the deadly spikes, and then crushed between the two plates. 

The large bowl at the base of the device is there to capture any fluids that are drained from above. 

Of course, the cruel torturers could even more easily jack off the young man's stout and colossal cock to get at the salty nectar contained within his heavy bollocks -- heck, the handsome lad would gladly and eagerly help them in such an endeavor -- but they prefer to obtain their sperm raw and straight from the source... >:)

And here's JAD's version...

Sunday, December 3, 2023

The Comfy Chair

You can tell where my inspiration came from with this recent collection of works, for this drawing is yet again inspired by JAD! :)

There is a lot going on with this somewhat complex torture device. The handsome young hunk is bound in heavy iron chains to the seat of the "chair"... with perhaps a very large wooden dildo buried to the hilt deep within his bowels. Two enormous weights dangle from slender chairs, each of which is attached to one of the stud's incredibly tough nipples, threatening to tear the rubbery paps right off of his body. Each of his goliath hairy gonads has been trapped within its own nut press, the studded surface of each press crushing downward into the center of his screaming bollocks and squashing them to a tiny fraction of their usual titanic girth, dangerously close to causing both mighty orbs to spectacularly rupture. Half of the meat of each massive baby maker is bulging hideously on each side of the nut press, everything that makes him a man on the verge of exploding in a most messy fashion. 

And his colossal cock, galvanized by all of the testicular agony, is quivering on the verge of an explosive eruption. 

All is takes is the application of a red-hot brand into the young man's deep, muscular, and exceptionally hairy armpit, and the great muscle bull howls and unleashed his first magnificent cum load, which will be captured in the huge iron cauldron. 

His torturers won't cease until they've filled that huge metal pot to overflowing, the stud's thick and chunky seed oozing down the sides in great sticky rivers... 

And the two images from JAD that inspired my drawing... 

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Suspended in Time

Here's yet another drawing inspired by the incomparable JAD! 

The brutally muscular hunk is a mighty warrior who had been captured by the enemy, and strung up for unspeakable torture. He's already endured and survived abuses that would have nullified and killed a lesser man, and yet his magnificent body is still intact, his freakishly oversized genitals still just as virile and powerful as when he was first captured. So his cruel torturers decide to let the handsome hunk be the decider of his own fate. 

Kneeling in the scorching sand and heavily bound in place, the muscular titan is forced to clench a rough help rope between his teeth, his powerful neck and jaw muscles holding aloft a very large and very heavy steel blade, which is poised directly above the juncture between the root of his tied off cock and the base of his heroically stretched bollocks. He's been baking beneath the sun for HOURS now, sweat pouring off of his colossal body, muscles straining with the effort to keep that deadly blade aloft. Every one of his gigantic muscles is pumped and straining and rock hard, for he know with sick certainty that if his concentration falters for just a moment, or if his monumental strength slips for just an instant, then that heavy blade will come crashing down on all that he holds most precious, forever severing his magnificent manhood from his straining body... 

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Crushing the Teen Titan

This poor young lad, the latest winner of the collegiate-level hyper-weight bodybuilding competition, has been captured and bound, his magnificent naked form laid bare and helpless against whatever cruelties his captors want to heap upon him. His mighty cannon of a cock has been tightly bound and forced to bend profoundly to the left, straining to nearly the snapping point, which each of his goliath gonads is stretched a truly insane distance from his chiseled and sweaty crotch, and placed within the jaws of an enormous pair of industrial-sized vises. 

His captors realize that the ultimate source of the handsome lad's awesome muscular power and unparalleled size are those twin engines of his herculean manhood, those two ginormous man eggs between his legs. They intend to take him out of contention in the bodybuilding world - PERMANENTLY - by crushing his mammoth gonads until they pop. 

They've been hard at work on his goliath left bollock for over an hour now, and they've got the vise clamped down over his straining orb until barely more than an inch is left separating the two enormous plates. And STILL the studly stallion's hulking gonad refuses to break! But it won't be long now before they've crushed that rotund bollock into permanent sterility, painting the walls with broken nut guts, pulverized procreative material, and untold millions of of his unborn children. 

...and then they'll begin work on his last remaining bull nut... 


Sunday, November 12, 2023

Camp Pain

Here is another drawing inspired by my friend JAD. 

In this image, two American POWs are being brutally tortured, their massive genitals stressed and tested to their limits. Both young men's massive bollocks have been nearly bisected by being bound between two wooden sticks, the lower nut segments turning a darker and darker shade of angry red as their blood supply is partially choked off and their internal pressures grow and mount. A length of cable binds the two sets of bull balls together, forcing the friends and warriors to play a brutal tug-of-war with their own manhoods. 

Will either of these handsome young bull studs survive intact? 

And the original inspiration from JAD: 

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Buck Biggun

This drawing is based on a similar drawing and original character created by my good friend JAD. The enormous, stubble-jawed hero has gotten himself into quite a fix this time. His mighty body has been trussed up within an archway formed of rough-hewn logs, with his big, fat bollocks tied fast to an additional huge log. The way that his nuts are bound to the log, the great weight of the tree trunk is not only painfully stretching his titanic testes an eye-popping distance from his straining crotch, but is also damn near bisecting those two mammoth glands. 

To add to his pain and misery, dozens and dozens of huge thorns have been thrust almost to the hilt into the dense and beefy flesh of his rock hard cum cannon and hideously bulging and straining nuts, the mildly poisonous resin on the thorns causing Buck's entire manhood to burn and itch as if they were crawling with thousands of fire ants. 

Oh, and as an additional detail and punishment, the big man's big nipples have each been captured between to short, stout sticks of wood, and are being brutally pinched and crushed as well. 

And all of that is merely preparation before the REAL tortures begin... 

And here's the original inspiration from JAD